Off-Site Catering

Let Lucy's handle your off-site events from top to bottom. Our catering specialists will work with you to coordinate your entire event in a location of your choice. Lucy's can bring food, service, rentals — even a full bar with tenders — and anything else you need, to anywhere in the area.  No minimum services required.   Check out our menus below for more details.

From tents to backyards to barns, farms, and park pavilions, we provide all types of catering and services!  We service Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, Lewisburg, Hazleton and surrounding areas.

For smaller events, check out our Catering Tray Price List for information on having food delivered or picked up for your next at-home, park, church, or office party.  Make your next event as easy as picking up the phone.

Off-Site Catering General Information

Menu Packages:  These can be arranged from the Hot Buffet Menu for Lucy's Catering with the Appetizer List to supplement (priced a la carte).  Pricing for bills are generally broken down into Appetizers and Meal.  Meals generally include iced tea, water, hot tea, coffee, and rolls with butter. Menu selection and signed contract are due 14 days before your event. 

Guest Count Policy - Final guest count must be guaranteed 14 days prior to the date of your function.  No reductions will be accepted after this time.  The number charged is based on the function guarantee or the actual number in attendance, whatever is greater.  If no final count is given, you will be billed for your highest estimated count. 

Service and Tax:  $20.00 per server, per hour.  Level of service determined by head count, style of meal presentation, distance from Lucy’s Catering, dishwashing needs, and other service related specifications.  Buffets should expect 1 server for every 30 guests; plated meals should expect 1 server for every 20 guests.   Service end-times vary by facility:  Pump House12:00am, Caldwell Consistory 11:00pm, Priestly Savage House 11:00pm.    Service arrival is estimated for 2-3 hours prior to an event.  Staggering staff may also be appropriate.

Drayage:  A fee is applied to any off-site catering in order to cover expenses and rentals for a “prep area and kitchen” to be assembled in the venue or on the grounds of the event.  Fee is determined by the available resources and amenities on site, number of rentals needed by Lucy’s Catering to accommodate client needs, supplies and equipment needed to be packed, transported, unpacked, and returned to storage areas, etc.  Drayage may also include linen fees.  Estimated Drayage fees for basic needs to pre-determined venues include $150-200 for Pump House, $100-150 for Caldwell Consistory, $200-300 for Priestly Savage House.  More specific drayage fees are available upon request, and after more information about the event is determined.

Linens:  Linen rentals are available through a sub-contractor and can be arranged by the catering coordinator. Linen rentals can vary according to head count, style of meal presentation, number of supplemental tables needed, overlays, chair covers, sashes, etc.  Linen estimates will be included in contract and can be altered up until one week prior to event.

China or Disposable Dishware and Cutlery:  Rentals of glass dishware and silver cutlery is available through a sub-contractor and price may vary according to head count, style of meal presentation, selections of rentals specifics, etc (appetizer, salad, dinner, dessert plates, water glass, wine, beer, cocktail glasses, number of forks, knives, spoons per guest, coffee cup, saucer, etc).  Rental of china does require an increase in the number of servers available in order to accommodate dish washing.  Disposable dishware and cutlery is available for purchase in a variety of shapes, colors, qualities, etc.  Price estimates will be included in contract and can be altered up to one week prior to event.  

Tents and Dance Floors:  Rentals of tents and dance floors are available through a third party subcontractor and can be arranged by the catering coordinator.  Prices vary based on size needed, whether sides are necessary, lighting, etc.  Average estimates range from $1000.00-2,000.00, but can be less or more based on determining factors.

Food Policy:   Lucy’s Catering will prepare the appropriate amount of food based on the final head count given for an event. Any left over food will remain the property of Lucy’s Catering; however, leftover items may become property of the client if a waver of responsible food handling may be signed and dated before leaving the premises. Anyone who fails to sign a waiver may not leave with any food, regardless of the number of guests in attendance. No food can be brought into the facility by any outside caterers or by individuals without the consent and approval of Lucy’s Catering.

Children:  Dinner for children less than 10 years is half price.  Children under 3 years are no charge.  Special meals for children attending an event can be arranged and built into the menu for your event. 

Deposits and Invoices:   A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your date.  This deposit is either 10% of your estimated bill or $1000.00, depending on the completion of menu selection at time of deposit collection.  Payment in full is due three days prior to your function (in advance if you require).  

Alcohol and Bar Arrangements:  Bar arrangements and specifics can be arranged through the catering coordinator.  Lucy’s Catering does not hold a sub-license to sell, distribute, and provide liquor off-site.  However, we are happy to refer you to our experienced bartender who can help you select items, quantities, coordinate necessary rentals, etc.  Should Lucy’s Catering not provide your bartending services, our servers cannot assist in the service or clean up of any bar or bar-related items such as bottles, glasses, trash removal, etc.   Lucy’s Catering is not responsible for any distribution, monitoring, or liability related to consumption or consumption-related issues.  

Craft Catering, LLC is owned and operated by Toni-Ann Yates and Gloria Bailey; over a decade of experience with Lucy’s Kitchen and Catering and Balzano’s Italian Kitchen family of restaurant services.