Ovens are on.

We are closed on Mondays but our ovens are on.  Today we are baking batches of butterball cookies . It's one one of my favorite christmas cookie.  We use chunks of walnuts and pure butter.  The aroma from the butterball cookies and the butterball turkey cooking will be out of this world.  

Some new pastry items this year ......Lobster  tails.......a light and fluffy puff pastry that when baked fans out and crisps...once pastry is cooled we fill them with Italian sweet whipped cream....

Another new item great for offices .....Canoli dip trays.  we are making our canoli shellls into triangles and then dipping them in chocolate,  in the center of the tray will be a bowl of canoli cream covered with mini chocolate chips.   Small ,medium and large trays available.   Must be pre-ordered.  

New and old items coming to Lucy's.  To help spread the world I will be posting on Lucy's facebook page daily.  New catering items will be added.  Can you tell I'm excited about our new little old place on the corner?


Craft Catering, LLC is owned and operated by Toni-Ann Yates and Gloria Bailey; over a decade of experience with Lucy’s Kitchen and Catering and Balzano’s Italian Kitchen family of restaurant services.