A New Era

Lucy Hergan has been the incredible leader of this amazing company for 20 years. Everyone that knows us knows her story. A nurse in her “first life,” Lucy opened Balzano’s Italian Kitchen on the corner of East and Main Streets in downtown Bloomsburg in 1998. Alongside her now famous dad, “Mr. B.” she started with pizza, added dinners, and became a booming hotspot while building a family in addition to her own. She brought in talented chefs and passionate staff who wanted to build, work, and be a part of what Lucy was creating.
In 2007, Lucy moved half of her business into Rolling Pines, and with a bigger and equally dedicated staff, successfully built a catering business that would become the future of her vision. In 2012, she opened another version of Balzano’s (a 2.0 at 112 East Main) and worked triple time making Balzano’s a staple.
After two and a half years of running three locations, and losing her dad to a battle with cancer, Lucy decided to shift down and back toward family, stepping away from the daily restaurant completely. She focused on the newly created “Lucy’s Catering” while welcoming six grandchildren with her husband, Andy, who joined retirement in 2015.
Now Lucy is ready to take another step toward her hard-earned years as a Nonna and amazing mother and mother-in-law.
Throughout those 20 years of business, Lucy assembled a staff of incredible people who helped to grow and mold the business to its current face, and helped her create what is now a family of past and present influences and support unlike any other in our area: the Family of Balzano’s and Lucy’s.
For well over a decade Toni-Ann Yates and Gloria  Bailey have worked with Lucy, both in the restaurants and the catering, to maintain and grow the reputation, spirit, heart, and soul of her legacy. Now, as Lucy prepares to enjoy a “semi” retired life (we are making sure she stays as busy with this business as she wants to be) the two women who have been with her these long years have decided to take the challenge of filling those shoes.
October will mark the end of Lucy’s ownership of the beloved Lucy’s Kitchen and Catering, and the beginning of Toni-Ann and Gloria’s dedication to making every aspect of this business a tribute: to Lucy, Mr. B, and all of our Family we have acquired along the way. Fresh and exciting changes will come our way, and traditions will remain. Recipes will be authentic, and faces will stay the same. Newness will ignite the business’s future, while the heart will forever be in Lucy’s, what she made, what she gave, and what she loves.
No sappy goodbyes are needed. Lucy will be with us as we take the ropes and hang on tight! We aren’t letting her go that easy, but we know her beautiful, growing family, wants her as much as we do! She will be able to enjoy the benefits of watching both them and her business grow into new hands.

To Our Staff... A Heartfelt Thank You from Lucy

In almost 17 years, one thing has made our business go more than anything else: our dedicated staff.  People are what make a business thrive, grow, and survive change, and no one has been more instrumental than our family behind the counter and in the kitchen at 208 East Street.

Over the years, we have seen some faces come and go, but so many have devoted their lives and energy to Lucy's (and of course, Balzano's) for years.  The loyalty, hard-work, and dedication to the many aspects that it takes to make a restaurant and catering business successful is not something that has been taken for granted.  Through sweltering summers and freezing pipes in the winter, our staff has locked the doors at 4am and opened them at 6. 

Deb has been here for 15 years.  She took on lunches, catering, teas, baking, and even customer orders and contact.  There was nothing she wouldn't do to help keep the wheels turning in our kitchen.  Mike started as a line cook nearly 14 years ago, and has been the backbone and workhorse of our kitchens on East Street and Rolling Pines ever since.  No one has worked harder or dedicated more hours than him.  Brandon was our first sautee chef, starting less than a year after we opened.  His customer base, talent for finer foods, and menu ideas propelled the business from a pizza place to a restaurant offering fine Italian cuisine.  Of course, since then we have acquired other incredibly talented and valued kitchen staff including John, Pete, Lance, Jimmy, Carolyn, and our wonderful baker, Priscilla. 

It's no secret that a kitchen is only half as good without the people in the front.  Answering the phones, running to tables, taking orders, delivering food, and handing out cookies has been an essential element to our restaurant's success.  The faces and smiles that greet you at the door and your seats are who the customers see and befriend, and over the years we have had some of the best.  Sue, our longest-running server, the captain of our dining room, held together and trained our front staff for nearly 14 years.  Her stories and smile were contagious and she kept us laughing as we worked to make her proud.  Sharon came to us with tremendous ideas, a professional approach, and brought a following of people who loved visiting with our resident Scott.  Friday nights with Sue and Sharon were an event.  Carolyn came into both our kitchen and front staff to create a new market with the college and worked hard to bring a fresh feel to our younger customers.  Cara was Mr. B's favorite girl (and he loved us all, so that was something special) and her commitment to service and hospitality was a page taken right from his book.  Lucy's children, nieces, and nephews graced our floor on the front too, including Gina, Andy, Nicci, Maria, and Joey.  Other servers came and went, but a loyal crew was built that included Toni-Ann, Kathleen, Gloria, Bernae, and of course MaryAnne, our beloved and hilarious Staten Island girl with the heart of gold and a wonderful generosity. 

Nothing has gone unnoticed over the years, and everyone who dedicated themselves to our business has been an instrumental and essential player in our story.  As we have grown, lost, changed, and loved like crazy, it is with the most sincere and loving appreciation that we thank our staff for every moment spent making our business thrive and our memories precious. 

Craft Catering, LLC is owned and operated by Toni-Ann Yates and Gloria Bailey; over a decade of experience with Lucy’s Kitchen and Catering and Balzano’s Italian Kitchen family of restaurant services.